CEN Nutrition Animale, founded in 2014, is dedicated to assess efficiency and tolerance of all products claiming health and well being benefits and aimed at pets. We conduct both multicentre clinical studies in veterinary practices and trials in our research centre.

Aiming  to provide high standards in quality, CEN Nutrition Animale can rely on a panel of pet owners willing to take part in these trials, in their own home environment. These in-home panels, a real specificity to CEN Nutrition Animale,  allow to get data the most accurately representative of the destination market, to which the products tested are intended.

The CEN Nutrition Animale centre boasts a 400 m2 building and consists of :

  • Two clinical examination rooms
  • a reception area for pet owners
  • A room for preping meals
  • A room dedicated to palatability testing / food serving
  • Storage facilities of biological samples at -80°C
  • A patio and a 2500m2 outdoor area for other trial purposes
  • Offices
  • a large multi-function room

Our trials are run according to GCP standards allowing you to gain a strong scientific background:

-in case of control by the referring authorities;
-when you file a registration;
-to communicate with your business partners.

At CEN Nutrition Animale we can look after the process of carrying out studies, at each and every stage:

  • Writing of a detailed protocol (with in-depth analysis of the literature and according to EFSA guidelines)
  • Set up and follow up of the trial itself, at the centre, and, at the owners’ home (for a real life feedback)
  • Statistical analysis of the data collected
  • Interpretation of the results obtained
  • Writing and publication of a final report

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