What species of animals do we conduct studies on?

The studies run by the CEN Nutrition Animale centre are centered on pets (mostly cats and dogs).

What type of studies do we conduct?

We conduct studies -following the EFSA FEEDAP guidelines- such as:

3 groups tolerance studies/trials (one control group, one group given the maximum recommended dosage, one group with the maximum recommended dose multiplied by 10)

Short term efficiency studies:

  • Trials on bioavailability/bioequivalence
  • Trials on digestive comfort
  • Trials on palatability (CEN Nutrition Animale can also provide guidance into the designing of palatable food additives)

Long term efficiency studies (28 days minimum) on areas such as:

  • skin care,
  • vitality,
  • joint mobility,
  • Consistency of feces,
  • stress management, weight balance,
  • palatability…

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