Foodtrial® Animal : Observational studies combined with smartphone app for clinical and consumer satisfaction trials on digestive comfort of pets. 


The trials run by CEN Nutrition Animale combined with the Foodtrial® Animal app offer new opportunities to evaluate the impact of the consumption of test food products on the digestive comfort of pets (stool consistency, postprandial pain etc.).

Thanks to the Foodtrial® Animal app CEN Nutrition Animale can design clinical or consumer study protocols that combine two complementary monitoring methods:

  • Monitoring in a controlled environment in our investigation center
  • A real life and real-time monitoring at the pet owners’ homes

A ‘At home’ follow-up is significantly improved by the main specifics of Foodtrial® Animal :

  • Built-in photo shooting,
  • Questionnaires with tactile functionality,
  • Collecting real-time information via use of reminders or notifications,
  • Programming of replicable questionnaires,
  • Real-time monitoring of the study,
  • Data security and anonymity,
  • Quality control of data.
Built-in photo shooting

Coupled with the use of validated scales Foodtrial® Animal allows high-quality digital photos to be added to e-CRFs and thus provides more accurate data on digestive comfort of pets.

Questionnaires with touch screen functionality

The touch screen features allow for more accurate recording of AVS (Analog Visual Scale) responses in assessing the pet’s digestive comfort. For example the Glasgow  Composite Pain Scale was developed among other things to evaluate post-prandial discomfort.

Collecting real-time information via use of reminders or notifications

Foodtrial® Animal reduces the memory biases that can occur in assessing the pet digestive comfort by limiting answering retrospectively to the questionnaires. Real-time data collection is also made easier by the programming of reminders regularly displayed on the smartphone. Throughout the day the pet owner regularly enters on his mobile phone the volume of test food eaten or their assessment of the digestive comfort of their pet; reminders and notifications are displayed on their smartphone to prompt them.

Programming of replicable questionnaires

With Foodtrial® Animal replicable questionnaires are completed on a day to day basis on assessing digestive well-being of pets following feeding of the test food. These questionnaires can be duplicated infinitely and filled out at any time of the day. The pet owner may for example report at any time any adverse effects (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, etc.) observed during the trial.

Real-time monitoring

As soon as a pet owner is included in the study or validates a questionnaire, the information is immediately sent to our server allowing real-time monitoring.

Data security and anonymity

Foodtrial® Animal allows pet owners or consumers to report objectively and in a reliable way thanks to the collection of anonymized data. The app also allows to send messages directly to pet owners in an anonymous way.

Quality control of data

Timestamping ensures data congruity (i.e.: the date and time the pet owner logged in and recorded any data). Check-in of recorded data is automatic and instantaneous in order to guarantee compliance with the trial’s protocol.